Have a Creative Valentine’s Day at Boxpark’s Workshops


Whether you’re in or out of love this year, don’t be so quick to shun the festival of St. Valentine. It’s a real travesty that we’ve grown to misunderstand the true meaning of this holiday. Valentines day has become associated with Hallmark cards, bad poetry, and heart-bearing teddy bears, not to mention really awful underwear that just shouldn’t be out there, but honestly, it’s about so much more than that.

February 14th actually commemorates the violent death of St Valentine, who as far as we know had nothing to do with love, on the orders of Roman Emperor Claudius Gothicus. So really, this particular day is a time for thinking about martyrs, death, deceit and above all, revenge. Actually, perhaps that’s a little on the dark side. Let’s make Valentine’s Day about creativity instead, shall we?

This year, Boxpark are running a shed-load of Valentine’s workshops and we love them all. Whether you’re into crafting, Voodoo, or more traditionally, chocolates and flowers, there’s something for everyone. Now, if you’ve recently been spurned, are crazy in love, or value the true identity of Valentines day and fancy discovering more about it, the ideal workshop is just around the corner. For all those who enjoy magical foodstuffs, making and crafting, ghost stories, nature, design, and weird experiences as much as we do, there’s a creative alternative to dinner and a movie.

Valentine’s Chocolate Workshop

Perhaps discovering why chocolate is the food of love is a little more up your street? The Cocoa Den will be imparting all the wisdom of the ages and teaching you how to roll and create delectable love-truffles. Better than a box of Milk Tray, right? Make chocolate cocktails, get creative with your designs and fill up on sumptuous delights while you learn the secrets of fancy chocolatiers. Book your tickets here. 11th February, 7-9 pm.

Valentine’s Vase Design Workshop

Columbia Creative, everyone’s favourite purveyors of beautiful floral arrangements, the envy of lifestyle-bloggers the world over, are back. If you’re feeling romantic or in need of a little natural beauty, take yourself along to this session and learn how to craft and arrange a floral design for yourself. Learn from the masters and pick up a bouquet for yourself, or somebody you love, while you’re there. Book your tickets here. 15th February, 11-12 am.

Hex Your Ex Voodoo Workshop

 In this workshop, artist and seamstress Jess Brewer will work with participants to create a bespoke voodoo doll. This exploration of revenge, love, and creativity, may seem a little full-on, but we assure you, it’s all in good taste and is just a bit of fun. Voodoo dolls have earned quite a bad rep over the years, and are actually used to confer both maledictions and blessings, so if you fancy it, use yours as a force for good and send blessings to your loved one. Book your tickets here. 14th February, 2-4 pm.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth