Watercolour Characters by Brighton’s Lucy Eldridge

Lucy-Eldridge-Naked-Crocodile-PartyWe’ve had our eye on Lucy Eldridge for some time. Not because we’re creeps, but because we really love her work. Lucy is an incredible talent and the creator of illustrations that continue to inspire us day-in day-out. A Brighton-based illustrator, her work explores many of her adventures around the sunny south-east coastline, and features a host of intriguing characters, jazzy animals, and crazy-cool ‘sea disasters’ that show scenes of underwater titans laying siege to wretched vessels. Her vivid imagination and flair for watercolour painting produce bright, colourful and detailed images of all sorts of figures and fantasies, from mythical creatures, to anatomical hearts, lovely rude nudes and recipe illustrations.

Working primarily with watercolour and the odd bit of pencil, Lucy’s illustrations are a real joy to behold. Represented by Pickled Ink Illustration agency, her work is of a continually high standard and always beautiful. We particularly love her illustrations of horses in their many forms. From wild galloping ponies to wooden Danish Dala Horses, Lucy’s use of directional blending and colour washes to depict hair, limbs and movement is wonderful.

Inspired by the surrounding clouds and seaside waves of her hometown, the textural splashes and boiling tides of the water in Lucy’s paintings compliment the prancing strongmen, bathing beauties, and fearsome monsters that they surround perfectly. Lucy also describes her work as being inspired by dry point etchings, wallpaper and maps, trees, pebbles, shadows and the moon. Her literary influences are myriad and prove that she’s a creative after our own hearts; anyone that’s into Jonathan Safran Foer and Vladimir Nabokov, minotaurs, krakens and deep sea swimming is alright by us.

Lucy’s work has been featured in a few of our favourite publications, such as Uppercase, Oh Comely and more. This year she’s selling prints, paintings and mini books via her Etsy store, working on new commissions, and generally being an awesome illustrator. Hats off to Lucy Eldridge and her fierce, stunning and all-round inspiring watercolour creations. We’ll get back to stalking her illustrations of lemurs now. 


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth