Discover the Figurative Portraits of Owen Normand

Owen Normand

Making connections between creatives is something that we love to do here at YGT, but equally, we love being introduced to new artists and communities by the talented people that we work with and feature. Discovering an image-maker who inspires you, and has you thinking about their work all week long is great, but it’s even better when that image-maker just happens to know one of your current resident illustrators. Owen Normand is a Scottish figurative painter and as of this year, we can’t get enough of his work.

Recently named as one of 15 emerging artists of great promise from around the world by Rebecca Wilson, Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator, Owen has also won the prestigious BP Portrait Award Young Artist Prize. His portrait, ‘Das Berliner Zimmer’ was exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London in 2013. With this mere smattering of context in place, we’re sure you can see why we’re keen to share his exceptional work with you.

Owen lives in Berlin, and has been exhibiting work all over the world. From London to New York, Edinburgh and Lisbon, he’s an artist worth following, if only to enjoy the diverse surroundings his work has been shown in. We jest, of course. Owen’s work is fantastic, soulful, and honest in both its process and its subject-matter. His portraits are fluid and sparse, making wonderful use of light and lending us an intimate look at their sitters.

Our favourite pieces of this artists work by far are his contemporary scenes; snippets of cities wrought in dreamy, traditional oil slicks and slightly lurid colour compositions. Owen’s is a world that we’d like to be part of and we think he sees things beautifully. We’re keen to hear a few announcements about his upcoming exhibitions and can’t wait to see more of his outstanding work.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth