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In light of this month’s chilly reputation and the ominous January Blues setting in, our wish list is all about the blues. Whether you’re traversing through the bleak winter cold, or braving the sea as part of your new year’s health kick, we wish you a happy and inspiring January, however brisk, brutal or beautiful it may be. At least it’ll be all kinds of blue and filled with grand adventures thanks to these great picks.

1. We’ve admired Lou Taylor for a while so this seems an ideal opportunity to draw your attention to her brilliant store. One thing in particular stands out to us each and every time we visit her Etsy shop. Yeah, it’s the swimmers silk scarf. A fantastic fusion of off-the-wall fashion and striking design. Deco pattern, complimentary colours, synchronised swimmers, and silk, it’s got it all going on. Though we feel a little sheepish saying it, this piece looks so fresh, it’s almost making us regret the decision to forgo swimming in the sea on new year’s day. Almost.

2. This Lucas Grogan plate from Douglas & Hope takes a positive approach to the new year. We featured this artist way back in the day and still love his bold style. Lucas juxtaposes thoughtful, esoteric and witty takes on contemporary lore and life with complex patterns and narratives influenced by the indigenous art of his home country of Australia. This plate remains one of the best things that we’ve ever seen and we’re big fans of the other bits and pieces in the Douglas & Hope shop too.

3. Nobrow Press is an amazing independent creative platform and publishing organisation that specialises in bringing you the best and most beautiful comic art and tactile publications around. This 100% environmentally friendly  Sea Blue Sketchbook has been designed by Bjorn Rune Lie. Inspired by natural history journals, these sketchbooks come equipped with 128 pages of only the very best Munken Pure (FSC) off-white paper; perfect for scribbling and feeling up. The lovely rounded corners are a nice touch too and will ensure this lovely ideas book doesn’t become battered in your bag.

4. Miscellaneous Adventures have caught our eye recently. We’re not sure if it’s the burgeoning urge to transform ourselves into better, hardier, more well-rounded people this year, or whether we just love their aesthetic but these UK adventurers are inspiring us this month. Along with a variety of hand-crafted tools and accessories, The Misc Adventures shop offers woodland workshops, crafting sessions and lovely riso prints too. This navy beanie hat made in the UK from 100% British wool. Wool from British sheep with British feelings. It features little flecks of light blue, the company logo and a diamond insignia pin made from enamel, a very special thing indeed. It’s all a little bit Moonrise Kingdom and we’re desperate to join in and play.

5. Isla Clay is a Glasgow-based creative and ceramic jewellery maker. This handmade necklace is one for fans of ancient princess steez. Made from earthenware clay and satin ribbon, this geometric piece is a wash of gorgeous blue blocks and bold monochrome lines. Isla’s jewellery is a wonderful mix of contemporary pattern and traditional craft and we love it.

6. If you’re attempting to rid your body of booze and opting for a Dry January, look away now. London-based illustrator Rich Fairhead‘s Beer Cans print is a blue, blue nightmare. In the best possible way. We’ve appreciated his style throughout 2014 so it seems only right to ring in the new year with a piece of his work.

7. Riz shorts are a fantastic eco brand founded by a Londoner and surfer who we find pretty inspiring. Known as the tailors of sunshine, Riz are a brand that we’ve become aware of since featuring brilliant sustainable menswear retailer Brothers We Stand. Start the year off with a bracing swim in the deep blue, embracing some great design, and being good to yourself and the planet.

8.  Michael van Kekem‘s Very Manly Pins are surely the epitome of raw masculine style. Failing that, they’re lovely unisex accessories that can improve just about anyone’s outfit. This one is an illustrated sailboat pin created from laser-cut wood and is pretty awesome. Mike is one of our favourite illustrators and his pop-culture-influenced creations are top notch, so be sure to check out his store full of snazzy screen prints as well as other designs from the Very Manly Pins range.



Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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