Betsy Walton’s Paintings Depict a Bright and Magical Wilderness

Betsy Walton makes Facebook better place. When you’ve finally completed the arduous task of hiding all pictures of food, inane statuses about sports teams, dull life updates from people you’re convinced you’ve never met before, and humble brags from morons, all that remains is Betsy, and it’s a dream. Because of creatives like this, we’re blessed with a news feed full of outstanding and inspiring images every day, and we can’t get enough of them.

Betsy is an artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her bright, ethereal images are a beautiful example of the positive aspects of layering. Everyone loves a bit of layering, especially in the fashion and art worlds. When we’re not trawling through Betsy’s Facebook page, we like to visit her blog. This is a place filled with colour experiments, ancient proverbs, musings on her fresh and exciting creations and plenty of inspiration to help lead a positive and creative life.

Influenced by the natural world, its directional patterns, contrasting elements and thrilling wilderness, Betsy’s paintings almost always feature plant life and growth. Occasionally we’ll see abstract figures, crystals, animals and aura-like clouds and hazes suspended near water, dirt, mountains and trees too. There’s something about the combination of natural subject-matter and bright, joyful colours that lends her work a magical, existential, and deeply alluring quality.

Betsy became a full-time creative in 2006. Since then, she’s focused on producing original paintings and illustrations inspired by the folk tradition, geometric shapes, and her everyday life and experiences. Her paintings feature hidden eyes and hands, which lead a brave exploration into our human relationship with the natural world. Working from her Portland studio, this artist creates pieces that are mythic and electrifying, drawing us into her timeless universe and urging us to pick up a paintbrush for ourselves to see what might be discovered. Betsy Walton is truly our spirit animal.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth