Discover Illustrations Inspired by Nature by Chloe Hall

Chloe Hall

Based in Leicester, illustrator Chloe Hall works from her lovely little studio-shed to create products, patterns, and hand-embroidered prints. Armed with the tools of her trade and a nice cup of tea, she spends her days drawing, scouring the web for inspiration, networking, and planning new projects, as well as making trips to the kitchen for more tea.

With a First Class BA Honours degree in Graphic Design & Illustration from De Montfort University, Chloe believes in the positive power of keeping busy. She describes herself as a keen observer and tells us that everyday scenes and overheard conversations spark much of the inspiration for her illustrations. She’s also inspired by nature; abstract shapes and pastel colours in particular.

Recently, most of her work has been inspired by the seaside. We particularly love her Seaside Notebooks which feature machine-stitched and beautifully bound covers and were exhibited and sold at Pick Me Up. You can buy them in sets if three, which is nice, because three is the magic number and it’s hard to pick just one favourite from Chloe’s designs.

While studying Graphic Design & Illustration at university, Chloe discovered and cemented her distinctive image-making style during her final year. It was after this that she began to fully enjoy creating illustrations, prints and products. She says,

“It felt natural to carry on doing what I love as a freelance illustrator after graduating. Some of my illustrations are light hearted and humorous so it’s nice to think that I create work that makes people smile. I like creating things that people want to keep and since graduating i’ve never thought about doing anything else!”

Working with line, patterns and embroidery, Chloe applies her designs to prints, stationery, comissioned work, and one-off peices and is thinking about branching out into soft fabric pieces too. This creative feels that an array of things influence the work that she creates, though specifically she describes all things textural and fashion-related as being of key importance. This is evident from her dynamic use of line and the pretty palettes that she uses in each illustration or pattern design. At first glance, Chloe’s patterns have celebratory vibe about them, which is fitting, as she also creates bespoke wedding stationery for loved-up couples in need of something special.

Being a full-time creative means life can be an uphill struggle, but that it also tends to be filled with electric moments and sensational achievements. Chloe tells us that being a part of Pick Me Up last year with Codswallop Collective was a great experience, and that meeting admirers of her work face-to-face at an annual showcase of the great and the good was one of the best moments of her creative career so far.

“Being in a collective with friends from my course meant not only was it a great opportunity to showcase what I do, meet other creatives, and get my work noticed by the right people, but it was also lots of fun and a great laugh too. This was the first large event I’ve been a part of and getting lovely feedback about my hand-embroidered prints was a great confidence booster.”

This year, Chloe has plenty planned. As well as exhibiting at SOCK Gallery as part of Codswallop Collective from February through to May, and planning other showcases with friends, there are new projects in the pipeline. A greater focus on hand-embroidering products and mixing textiles with digital prints are just two of the new elements we can look forward to seeing in 2015; we’re curious to find out what new dimensions this will lend Chloe’s already lovely-looking work. Plus, there’s talk of a brand new fabric product range this year, so keep an eye on the website and listen out for craft market announcements. We certainly will be.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth