Santtu Mustonen

santtu mustonen

Santtu Mustonen says he’s an artist interested in colourful mud. Santtu, we have that in common. A Finnish illustrator based in the States, Santtu’s stunning work is inspired by and depicts natural patterns and shapes, fresh, dazzling palettes that evoke psychedelic daydreams, and textural landscapes. He has created images shown on posters for Finnish bands and music festivals, big clothing brands such as Nike, and countless creative publications.

His ability to alter perceptions and bring about cosmic reflections using bold palettes and 3d rendering technology, as well as traditional printing techniques is outstanding. Having stumbled across his work during a late-night Pinterest-a-thon (don’t judge us, you’ve all been there), we spent the next few hours gazing into the perfect world that is Santtu’s portfolio; a world where everything makes sense and looks exactly as it should in the real world 24/7.

Santtu has appliedย his beautiful patterns and illustrations to all manner of projects, campaigns and products, fromย Korean streetwear labels to exhibitions all over the world. His work is original, and fizzing with unapologetic positivity and enthusiasm, though his simple marbled images (like the one pictured), brilliant as they look, are reminiscent of those DIY kits we all had in the 90’s. This, if anything, means that we love and admire Santtu’s creations all the more.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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