Nature, History and Occult-Inspired Illustrations by Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia describes himself as stylistic illustrator who enjoys long walks along the beach. He also seems pretty proud to live with a Cornish Rex named Maybe; though wouldn’t you be, with a cat so fine in your family? Though we’re sold on what we’ve read of his dating profile/portfolio’s ‘about me’ section thus far and now know that Llew’s interests include travel, textiles, fashion, folk art, wallpaper, and all types of candy, we’d like to delve a little deeper in order to share a few of the influences behind his delightful images with you.

Llew’s work is a stunning mix of hand-drawn and digital illustration, surface pattern design, and branding. Inspired by travel, tat and trinkets, he has talked about how his collection of occult books and taxidermy animals influence his work – we all take cues from the natural and divine, right?  Llew places repeated importance on how travelling back and forth between Mexico and the Southwestern United States throughout his life has affected his personal interpretation of American and Mexican culture, and how these locations are expressed through his work.llew-mejia

Llew’s images, especially his pattern-based pieces, vary from cute though purposefully daubed streaks of pastel in the likeness of plants and flowers to intricate and characterful still life-inspired surface patterns that dazzle and delight. Though pattern seems to be his forte, we’re big fans of this artist’s narrative illustrations too. Particularly everything featuring bright, folk-influenced animals in hats, grinning from ear to ear.

He’s worked with some big names and a few brands that we love, such as Element Skateboards, Colette, WRAP Magazine, Adidas and Anthropologie, though we’re not surprised by these great collaborations, given the particular flair he brings to the illustration world. Llew lives in Minneapolis, a place we don’t tend to associate with the tropical hues of his current textile designs and illustrations, but then, though there’s always the internet to delight and inspire creatives the world over.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth