MAKER TO KNOW: Upper Tiny AKA Jenn Smith

Jen Smith

Simple colours, abstract paints, stationery, gouache, and a little awkward humour; it’s the wonderful world of Jenn Smith and her Etsy store, Upper Tiny. Jenn’s creations are cute and colourful enough to raise a smile, and grown-up-home-decor enough to consume us with ‘buy everything immediately’ disorder.

This dangerous combination is the result of Jenn’s composition skills and wonderfully creative imagination, which both stand out repeatedly on her Instagram feed. Her pastel patterns are the stuff of dreams so naturally, we’re very pleased that they’ve been transposed to fit onto envelopes, ceramics and prints to hang in every room.

Based in the States, Jenn’s currently studying for an MFA in Chicago so it’s all been a little quiet over at her shop of late. Despite the hard work she’s been putting in on her course, Jenn’s still working on the occasional commission and creating bits and pieces to thrill and delight us with.

From pattered pots to wood panel paintings and bright abstract sticks in contrasting shades, the mind behind Upper Tiny is one of our favourites and we can’t wait to see more from this exciting artist. Hold up while we fixate on those perfect candy colours a little longer to momentarily bring ourselves out of this cold, cold season and into sweeter, sunnier climes.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth