BRAND TO KNOW: The Cartocon Co.

cartocon The Cartocon Company are part of the gifted wave of creators and curators that run this town. Actually, they don’t necessarily run this town because they’re based in Dundee. Their online store and studio started up a few years back in Scotland and focused on the integrity of local craft and collaboration. Between the no-nonsense design of their own line and expertly selected pieces in others, not to mention the library their stock, it’s no wonder they’ve grabbed our attention. This year the Cartocon Store has brought forth a stand-out range of pieces from scrupulously selected brands & designers including Reigning Champ, Shades of Grey, Field Notes, Bookman and more. As the company is all about championing great contemporary design, fantastic build quality and solid style, these brands have been selected to mirror those values perfectly. Though we merely admire the contents of their store from our screens, The Cartocon bricks and mortar shop is a thing of beauty that is worth visiting if you’re in the proximity. Clothing, accessories, literature, homewares and even toothbrushes can be found in the perfectly presented showroom; a converted mill in the centre of Dundee. Be sure to book an appointment to go and check it out. We love it when careful thought and creativity goes into the creation of a brand. The Cartocon Co. are part of a lifestyle movement that values quality, and as such, have thought of everything. They even supply original mixes curated especially for their customers, that you can listen to with the click of a button. That’s dedication.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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