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Reema Motib is an experimental artist and illustrator from Saudi Arabia. Born in Connecticut, Reema currently hails from Riyadh and it’s here that she spends time studying and creating beautiful mixed media pieces and illustrations. Having recently taken part in the Young Artist’s Wall Series hosted by Alaān Artspace, Reema is now branching out to explore new creative disciplines and ventures. Her latest project is an exciting move into the land of fine jewellery by way of her co-founded business Lamb & Lu.

Reema’s creative background is pretty interesting. Though preoccupied with a love for drawing since preschool, she opted to study business, rather than attending art school. She describes this decision as a drastic shift from her original intentions but a very valuable experience. She says,

‘I started posting my illustrations online and they began to attract attention through social media. From that came collaboration offers with some really talented designers, commissions and invitations to participate in exhibitions.’

Reema’s work explores many themes and we love her use of mixed media, especially the occasional burst of gold leaf. Her list of inspirations is a lovely one. She details interaction and dance, mainly ballet, as a principle provider of constant inspiration for her work. She explains that,

‘Children inspire me too. I honestly think that people are at their most creative when they’re children. Getting to see kids engaging in something artistic is greatly inspiring. Also, the woods. I spent a lot of my childhood in Connecticut around trees and nature so I guess that serves as inspiration for me.’

Reema usually works in her studio while listening to music and flipping through great books, she tells us about her processes, which we happen to think are the mark of a budding professional.

‘I have this wonderful collection of coffee table books. I like to look at them when I have creative block. They’ll be sitting around alongside a half-empty mug of something caffeinated. I normally work late at night, this isn’t intentional, or likeable, it’s actually horrific but for some reason; my work turns out better between the hours of 10pm and 4am.’

We’re pretty sure almost every creative can relate to this. It’s definitely something we’ve experienced for ourselves and take it from us, there’s no shame in a full-on all-nighter.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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