YGT WISH LIST | November 2014

young gold teeth lifestyle blog wish list

Remember, remember, our almost worrying preoccupation with November. This month, what with firework-filled celebrations and clear chilly nights, our wish list is inspired by Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkin-spiced-lattes, bonfires, cosy lighting, autumn colour (if you’re a country-dweller and are into that sort of glorious thing), thanksgiving food aka mashed yams and swedes (a nod to our friends across the pond there), and a whole host of other orange delights. Like those festive satsumas that supermarkets are hell-bent on peddling already. We feel pretty Christmassy, but seriously guys, it’s just not the time yet. We urge you to sit back, relax and enjoy a few picks that we believe it’s the perfect time for; and hey, if you’re doing a little early gift shopping for the holidays and are dreaming bigger than a stocking filled with satsumas, get a load of the awesome independent retailers on this list.

1. First up, an illustrator we’ve admired from a distance for what seems like an age. It’s the infamous peddler of hate mail and profanity, and illustrator extraordinaire, Mr Bingo. This limited edition print not only sates our thirst for some orange action, it also sums up how we and dear Mr. Bingo feel about working for free in this day and age. Pick up your copy from the Intern Magazine store and pop a copy of the mag in your basket while you’re at it.

2. In our opinion, delightful illustrated packaging maketh the product. In this case, it’s some pretty fancy soap created by The Printed Peanut. Natural handmade shaving soap created in Yorkshire to be specific. Why not treat your face, or the face of some dear and hairy friend to a block of these special suds? That face’ll be grateful now that it’s officially dry, sad skin season. Designed by Louise Lockhart, this soap is vegan and cruelty free. Lovely stuff.

3. Wolfmask is the latest illustrator we’ve added to our list of favourites. After meeting him at the fantastic House of Illustration Illustrator’s Fair this summer, we’ve fallen hard for his occult-themed designs. So, with a full moon in a clear winter sky, pumpkins all around us and the chill of Halloween still circling (let’s face it, we do Halloween all year round over here) we’re pretty crazy about this wonderfully titled Intergalactic Moon Death Crewneck. What’s not to love, right?

4. Shedquarters is an independent emporium filled with fantastic products, all of which champion great design. This Fragment Notebook created by Wrap is just one of the items that we’re obsessing over from a seriously sweet stationery section. A new take on an old notebook design, this handy coral notebook is perfect for winter scribbling and at A5, is compact enough to pop into your bag whilst on the go.

5. We love a bit of sparkle at YGT so are crazy about illustrator and designer Lucie Ellen‘s Dipped Diamond Brooch in copper. A lovely pairing of natural stained wood and glitter in a sleek geometric shape, this little beauty rolls everything we enjoy into one simple piece of jewellery. Plus, it reminds us of all the amazing fireworks we’ve seen this month and looks as though it’d make a great addition to our winter coats too. Perfection.

6. If you don’t know Smug, you don’t know nothing. A fantastic London-based store that just keeps on giving, Smug is always filled with the most amazing creative products. This Prism Cushion in peach is an obvious addition to our orange wish list this month. Just look at that pattern action.

7. Print, design and colour fanatics will know that it’s all about the little details. Perfect shades are a big deal and luckily we have the wonders Pantone to help us get things spot on. Though we appreciate the full spectrum of orange tones, we’ve settled on this bone china mug in Pumpkin to really bring out the best of the colour. Doesn’t it look lovely? Pick up a Pantone mug of your own from the London Graphic Centre‘s store.

8. Colourbox Boutique may be a name you already recognise due to a little feature we ran earlier this year. The brilliant shop is stocked with ceramic goodies and prints created by Joe Rogers and this hand-painted porcelain bowl is just one of the unique patterned items on offer. A bold and great-looking piece, we’re not sure we could bring ourselves to do what you’re supposed to do with a bowl and eat from it; perhaps we’d just add it to our collection of things to admire and inspire. Either way, this is an excellent, and useful, orange creation.



Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth