Fun Illustrations and Homewares by Laura Gee

Laura Gee

If there’s one thing we love around here, it’s unique furnishings and creative home wares. Here are a few things we love a little bit more; imaginative and well kept hair do and beard combos, animal friends, profanity, and paint. Imagine our delight upon discovering a beautiful amalgamation of all of these things in Laura Gee’s wonderfully weird Beardy Men cushions and comical paintings.

On the former: these guys are not your average, run-of-the-mill scatter pillows; they’re friends to watch telly with, creepy pals, and comfortable companions. For the most part, they’ll cheer you up as soon as you look at them. There are four fellas to choose from, each with his own particular barnet, style and winsome expression. Dennis and Malcolm boast full, bushy beards, whereas Angus and Fred sport a trendy and approachable stubble. Fred and Malcolm show off proud gappy teeth with mouths open in mock joy and surprise, while the other two muse the wonders of your sofa’s recesses with thin-lipped and quiet concern. Each beardy cushion is hand-made and individually illustrated, meaning that each is as unique as it is cuddly.

Laura isn’t all about bearded furnishings and illustrated textiles, though. Oh no. Her Etsy shop is packed with Kipling-esque animal illustrations that are ideal for the walls of kids’ bedrooms, and equally adorable animals that, frankly, are not. Her range of animal swear cards show a grumpy cat with the caption ‘piss off’, while a cheeky lion says, ‘Let’s fuck it up’ and a pair of otters gaze bluntly from their frame, simply asking, ‘what?’. Cute and cuddly critters meet rude realism. The expressions on these little guys are so endearing that you’ll want to send one to each of your closest mates immediately. Maybe not to your mum though. Then again, some of Laura’s other illustrations depict loved up polar bears and friendly collies with not an expletive in sight.

Her online store is a treasure trove of pillows, inspirational quotes, tote bags and tree houses; sweet trinkets to send to faraway friends, and ridiculously comical and sentimental pieces that are bound to evoke daydreams of all the special people you’d love to shop for. But wait, there’s more. Laura’s website is a treat too; filled with ink drawings of bodies, displaying glorious curves and colourful skin. Then there are ceramics and pattered prints; all showing fantastic nudie figures.

Laura is darkly comical, ridiculously talented and certainly a deep thinker. Her creations are the perfect mix of light-hearted, ironic, and innovative. As an illustrator, she’s as diverse an as they come. We’ll be putting pretty much everything in her shop on our Christmas lists.


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Words: Stef Palmer | @RoboStef