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A recent fashion photography graduate, Scott W Mason is storming the creative scene. Specialising in illustration and photography, Scott is dedicated to experimenting with and developing with new ways of combining these two art forms. A highly versatile and creative individual, his clients are myriad and include the likes of Ted Baker, Lewis and Leigh PR, Boys by Girls, Amelia’s Magazine, and many others. His multidisciplinary work is a breath of fresh air; sleek, colourful and fiercely imaginative.

Of his chosen mediums of illustration and photography and the freedom they allow him, Scott says, “I love how nothing is off limits with illustration, if you can think it, you can draw it, or at least attempt to. Photography’s different, as you’re working with pre-existing elements that you fuse together, such as picking your model, your set and your garments. I like the collaborative side of it and the experimentation once I’ve shot the images and then scribbling over them.”

Many platforms, including Hunger TV have hailed him as being an unstoppable force in innovative image-making, but Scott believes that, among other things, doing a traditional university course helped him to hone the creative intuition he has received such positive coverage for. A big believer in trusting your instinct, he says, “during my course whenever I tried to fit into what I thought my tutor wanted or what I thought would tick the boxes, my work and grades ended up being worse, but whenever I created the work I wanted to create, it always turned out better. The pieces you create for yourself are always going to be stronger and more fun to produce so try your best to fit the brief around those, rather than the other way round”.


Inspired by simple things like great music and happiest when sitting on his bed with a sketchbook letting his imagination run wild, Scott also describes himself as being influenced by iconic image-makers from all over the world. “I love the fashion illustrators from the 1980’s, such as Antonio Lopez and Tony Viramontes. Basically, all other fashion illustrators influence me, I love seeing what other people create. I’m a big fan of photographers such as Tim Walker and David LaChapelle, and I draw influence from Studio Ghibli films and music videos too.”

Scott communicates a sense of possibility with his work. His love of combining processes and disciplines, as well as testing his own limitations in order to creative unique images within the same-same saturated and competitive world of fashion photography, is inspiring. “I would love to work with a clothing brand that’s open to something a little different, like Kenzo” he says, “and work with them to create an insane campaign that really captures people’s attention and appeals to their imaginations. I’m a little fed up of seeing the same old thing over and over again.”

It’s been a busy year for Scott but he’s still working away on new projects and planning out fresh stages within his creative practice. Next year he’ll be turning his attention to the creation of fashion storybooks, animations, and a second installment of his interactive zine Error 404.



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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