Will Wright

Will Wright Illustration

Meet Will Wright, an illustrator and graphic designer with a great sense of humour, whose unique caricatures and colour-clashes exude fun and chill vibes. Based in Leicester, Will’s work has appeared on a range of posters, leaflets and even fancy beer labels, while his website shows off sketchbook doodles and one-off postcards of Converse kicks and dancing feet.

With only two or three colours used in each piece of work, Will uses fine-liners and Posca pens to create bold, striking images. Simple shapes are accompanied by original typography, and there’s always a comical twist. His complex characters mess about with stereotypes of cockney bruisers, burley butchers or retro-style thieves clad in black and white prison stripes.

A self-confessed people-watcher, Will finds inspiration in just about everyone he sees. Be it somebody who catches his attention in the street, someone accidentally wearing dodgy clothing that clashes with the wall behind them, or, in his own words, “a funny shaped dog.” We do love a funny shaped dog.

This inspiration is transposed into one of his characters, a personality with a fantastic sense of comedy about them. Although his portfolio is incredibly diverse, each of his drawings owns a distinct ‘Will Wright’ factor. Maybe it’s the striking use of colour, the instantly recognisable text or the sheer silliness that infuses even mundane objects and characters.

This is art that serves to put a smile on your face, and really, in a world so serious, that’s what we’re always after.

Will Wright Illustration

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Words: Stef Palmer | @StefPalmer

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