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jessica procter

Now that we’re well in to autumn, nothing gets us more excited than layers – and not just in the wardrobe department. London-based illustrator Jessica Procter is no stranger to layering all year round, and now her range of mixed-material collages and textured prints are soon to be available at UK stockists.

Jessica is inspired by her surroundings and by the influence of space around objects. This is very clear when looking at some of the pieces she creates. A 3D creation in the likeness of a carousel employs laser-cut materials, throwing light and silhouettes to create an evocative city scene. In a stark contrast, Jessica’s cheerful illustrations show fish happily inhabiting a fresh underwater scene, or woodland animals snoozing underground.

Blending traditional artistic techniques and modern technology, Jessica starts with rough sketches and cut-out shapes of various materials. She adds texture using lino and ink, then scans everything and digitally collates it using photo-editing software. The results are somewhat spectacular – original 2D images take on an extra level of depth, whether depicting a busy village scene or a solitary but lovely whale. This artist has worked with some notable clients, creating lifestyle-led illustrations, working with fantastic publications, producing sweet greetings cards and even decorating bicycles with her beautiful designs.

Jessica’s blog showcases her doodles of fruity bits and pieces, leaves and what not, as well as a few just-for-fun collage pieces, however, in her online shop you’ll find patterned prints of fashionable fox motifs, birds and bunnies, plus feathers, tree-trunks and cute comments on the weather. Browsing tea towels, mugs and cushions, wrapping paper, brooches and fabrics Jessica’s customers must feel a little spoilt. Whether featuring simple shapes or complex light-maneuvering pieces, this is a collection of things that we want to immediately fill our homes with. We’re excited to see Jess Proctor making waves in and around London’s boutiques.



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Words: Stef Palmer | @RoboStef

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