Book We Love: Shelving The Body by Soapbox Press

shelving the body

Soapbox Press, as well as being dear friends of ours, are a far-reaching platform for the creative voice. Their aim to support art graduates and innovative projects of all disciplines mirrors our own, which is why we love the work that they do. They’ve been working non-stop to produce the third in a very special collection of printed publications centred on talented visual creators. Shelving The Body is a crowdfunded book that showcases Darragh Casey’s project of the same name.

Darragh a student of Central St. Martins, stages clever interventions and offers an alternative sense of functionality to commonplace objects, like bookshelves. The results of the collaboration between he and Soapbox Press are excellent. Shelving The Body offers pages filled with entertaining and insightfully constructed images of seemingly precarious shelf installations holding up friends, entire families and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. In fact, there may be a kitchen sink in there too, which is surely a testament to the real strength of the pieces and the absolute safety of all those involved.

These ‘shelf portraits’ provide witty and intimate portraits of a wonderful diversity of people and the personal belongings they surround themselves with. The book itself? Well let’s just say it’s a thing of beauty. Printed pages packed with original images and great stories are always a treat and Soapbox Press have done themselves proud with this one. Pick up your copy in Rizzoli Bookshop or Atomica Gallery, or head over to the Soapbox PressΒ site to order online. Finally, we know what you’re thinking, and you’re not alone; though it looks risky, we’d love to take part in a shelf portrait too.


Find more here

Words: Emily Beeson |Β @younggoldteeth

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