Justin Hager

Justin Hager is a creative who hails from California. Up until this point he’s brought users of Instagram the world over a slice of ephemeral joy by posting original illustrations influenced by music and pop culture titled ‘mash-ups’. As corny as the name, and much of the subsequent praise for his work is, see ‘as expected he ended up being as cool as his artwork’, Justin’s illustrations are first rate. They meld iconic characters with stoner wit, aka a wit so simultaneously complex and simple that it appeals to the sober mind as a stroke of quiet genius, and unpretentious hand-drawn style to achieve the most excellent foray into halloween costume concepts and dark imagined scenarios.

Yes, it’s all a little tongue-in-cheek; the OJ Simpsons illustration does feature a big shiny knife and for the most part Justin calls out rappers on their bizarre pseudonym choices, it’s not really any wonder he’s a big deal on Instagram. Frank Ocean regrammed one of his illustrations, when has that ever happened to you? With art shows in San Francisco, cartoon fans, 90’s freaks and hip hop lovers from across the pond can check out his great prints and original drawings first hand. For everyone else, there’s Justin’s famed Instagram account.

Find more here:

Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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