What to Expect at Bournemouth Uni Art Show: High Noon

With degree show season upon us and some dazzling talent already out there across the UK, it’s time to focus on some of the top picks for this year. We don’t like to just harp on about London over here, and that much is clear from the many interviews YGT conducts with creatives and students from all over the world, so let us turn your gaze to Bournemouth and the upcoming High Noon show of Arts University Bournemouth.

This event is set to knock your socks off, with a great mix of 3D work, animation, paper engineering, drawing, textiles, printmaking and painting from this year’s graduates on display. Luckily for you London-ites, the event is taking place at the Embassy Tea Gallery on Bankside’s Union Street and promises to be a three day-long feast for the senses. Whether you’re keen to scope out the next set of big achievers, take in the sights to provide a flash of personal inspiration or are just up for some creative fun, from 3rd July High Noon is the place to be.

By popping over to the event website you’ll be able to gen up on the graduates that will be exhibiting and discover more about what inspires their work, their chosen mediums and what to expect. There’ll be something for everyone and plenty of opportunity to chat to the artists exhibiting. This is why we love degree shows. High Noon runs from 10am to 6pm until 5th July so get yourselves down there.

Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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