Welcome to the newest edition of YOUNG GOLD TEETH’s commentary on life and leisure in the creative industries: YOU SHOULD VISIT, a glowing review of places we’ve been, loved and urge you to check out too. The first of these reviews explores a wonderful little shop tucked snugly on the corner of Brixton’s Market Row, just by Electric Avenue.

A peek inside 20 Storey is a treat enough. Your eyes are met with an array of gorgeous nik-naks, prints, homewear and a glorious creative library of good-looking publications. A visit to pick up a couple of birthday cards resulted in the purchase of a full set of Rob Ryan’s paper-cut ceramic plates, a book of Mexican folk art prints and postcards, illustrated doggie playing cards and obviously, a selection of beautifully crafted cards. Though tempted by plenty of the books on display and a dishy clutch of vintage-esque glass vases, as well as a few notably excellent publications such as OKIDO and Kinfolk magazines, it was only right to savour the great music playing all afternoon and pick up a few gifts, saving other covetable goods for another trip. 
A grand collection of items arranged in such a way as to make any creative swoon, 20 Storey is well worth a visit to anyone who calls Brixton home and comes highly recommended by us for anyone visiting the area. Its pop-up dimensions add to its charm and allure, but don’t be fooled by its size; there’s plenty to see in such a small space and every inch of shelf space is a feast for the eyes. 
2A, Market Row, London  SW9 8LD


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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