SKIN: An Exhibition

We’d like to begin this post with a heartfelt thank you to all who attended YGT’s first event on Saturday 10th May and to everyone who helped put the show together. It was a huge success and it brought a tear to our eyes seeing so many amazing creatives in one space, celebrating and supporting one another.

As you’ll all know, a few months ago, we started thinking about new ways to take YGT to the next level. As an art-based blog and a platform for up-and-coming creatives, the next logical step was to create a physical showcase of cutting edge talent. Having never put on an art show before, it was going to be a challenge, one that would hopefully result in some original ideas-sharing and fresh insights into what could be achieved by working together.

Photography by Zoe Evans

The theme of contemporary feminism and portrayals of the female body by modern media was key to the event’s success. Although we’re fully supportive of all cultural projects staged by young people, we sometimes wonder whether the value of art is lost in the pretence of traditional exhibitions.

Sometimes we feel that young people fail to be properly represented in austere gallery environments. Our aim was make a significant collaborative statement that explored issues affecting this generation and the next, and to encourage a free dialogue through a variety of artworks, rather than just hanging a few pictures up for people to look quietly and leave with nothing to say. The show had to be an informal event, a free event, tactile, inviting, and ultimately, a bit of a party.

Photography by Zoe Evans

The response to our call for submissions came from a fantastic group of young artists that we had either previously featured on YGT or that took an interest in the blog or the show’s theme. The project was becoming more collaborative by the day with many creatives pitching in to promote it and take part. We’d like to thank the amazing Soapbox PressSister MagazineOn In LondonNoctis Magazine and BalladOf Magazine for all their help, sponsorship, and support during our fundraising period, all those features, donations, shares and RTs were our saving grace, thank you. We’d also like to thank the fantastic IdeasTap. YGT was awarded one of their 23-30 Innovators Funds. This helped to hire our exhibition space and ensure that all the work on display was safe and could be transported professionally.

Photography by Zoe Evans
To celebrate the event we teamed up with Off The Barrow, a creative studio and shop who helped us to create a limited edition gift card on the theme of the event. This was designed by talented illustrator Marylou Faure. These collaborations meant that the one day pop-up, with free cocktails and art to take home was a huge hit with all of our visitors.
With pink gin in jam-jars and the bejewelled GRL TLK DJs spinning vinyl, the day turned into the evening we had hoped it would be. Our comments board filled up with post-it notes that offered comments from, ‘I love big butts’, ‘I botoxed my vagina!’ and ‘I like what you guys are saying!’ to more sincere observations such as, ‘Every artist links to another in provoking a valuable point. That we should appreciate everyone. We are BEAUTIFUL without adding the distorted realities that society has created. THANKYOU.’
Photography by Zoe Evans

We encouraged guests to be interactive with the work on display and to take plenty of photos in an attempt to steer away from the traditionally austere gallery atmosphere we all know so well. There’s nothing worse than feeling naughty at an art show and not being able to properly immerse yourself within the context of the work on display.

The show was free, open to all and a total riot which made surprisingly heartfelt comments about our professionalism all the more encouraging. A testament to the power of collaboration, crowdfunding and the inspiring hard work of young artists from all over the world, we are prouder than ever to run YGT and work with such amazing artists and creatives. Thank you to our featured artists:

Estelle Morris (England), Robert Halhead-Baker (England), Barry Morris (Wales), Kieran Sperring (England), Biff Studio (England), Laura Collins (USA), Siobhan Barbour (Ireland), Zoe Evans (Wales), Kit Wagstaff (Wales), Jacob Cozens (Wales), Rob Gray (England), Michael van Kekem (The Netherlands), Joshua Spindler (England), Katie Jones (Wales).


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth


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