MAKER TO KOW: Hello Marine


HelloMarine, an artist who grew up and developed her creative capabilities and interests in the South of France now lives in sunny Brighton, UK, another cool coastal area dominated by innovative types who are pretty handy when it comes to image-making. It’s no surprise then that Marine’s career as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer is a flourishing one, divided between producing commissions for clients and creating personal work that she regularly exhibits.

Marine’s fun, fresh and memorable designs and illustrations explore the many avenues of imaginative image-making. Using a range of processes and materials, she produces vibrant, sometimes cute and occasionally wildly psychedelic creations depicting interesting characters and beautiful abstract patterns that we can’t get enough of.

Sending out prints and products to every corner of the globe, from Melbourne and Hong Kong to Paris and Berlin, she has worked with the likes of Lacoste, The Guardian, Penguin and The Big Chill, among other top brands and publications. Marine is now in the process of rolling out a series of exciting projects with an excellent collection of collaborators. we asked her about these plans, her processes and the inspirations behind her sharp designs and colourful drawings.

Marine tells us that her inspiration comes from many sources and tends to change, in an organic fashion, from one project to the next. More generally, music and fashion are big inspirations, and she lists the French Ye-Ye movement of the sixties, as part of of her mixed bag of pop culture influences. ‘Vintage toys, car-boot sales, polka dots and patterns in general, grizzlies, tipis and Alfred Hitchcock films’ she says ‘Some of my greatest creative influences are Gyo Fujikawa, Margaret Kilgallen, Miss Van and Tadanori Yokoo, to name a few. I also try to keep people like Margaret Kilgallen, my childhood in France and my life now in the UK in mind.’

This eclectic mix of inspirational memories, themes, trends and subject-matter is presumably what injects that highly stylish vibe into each stand-out HelloMarine illustration or design. Marine’s processes are varied, though she sticks to her illustrative guns when creating new work, basing everything on an original hand-drawing and embellishing her ideas digitally as she goes. ‘I begin to research my subject’ she tells us, ‘I collect pictures and use my sketchbook, which follows me everywhere. After my hand-drawings, I scan everything and work with my graphics tablet in Photoshop. My personal work is very often based on fantasy and abstract, whereas the work I do in response to clients briefs is usually more realistic.’

This year, Marine has some great projects on the go. Her plans include cool collaborations, mixed media ventures, working with big brands and creating new showcases. Se says, ‘This year I’m working on some textiles which is quite exciting, I’ll also be exhibiting as part of Pick Me Up in Somerset House with the Unlimited collective. I’m planning an exhibition in Edinburgh for the end of the year. There are no exact dates as yet but i’ll keep you posted on Twitter. I’m also working on a side collaboration project which is a secret at the moment but it has to do with kids. All shall be revealed in September.’

From prints, her speciality, to screen printed pouches, brooches and posters, Hello Marine’s colourful, simple and vintage-inspired creations are exactly what we need to lift our spirits, whatever the season. Delight in her instagram feed and look out for Marine at upcoming events and exhibitions in Brighton and London.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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