Mischief Champion

Katrin, a Berlin-based illustrator is better known by her creative alias, Mischief Champion, and mischievous she is. Her comical drawings, which are deadpan, awkward and brilliantly funny, feature cute animals and odd-looking humans in an array of bizarre domestic situations.

Poking fun at social grievances, pointless rituals of acceptance and the inevitable oddness of how we conduct ourselves seems to come naturally to Mischief Champion. Katrin’s simple style and knack for communicating a tense atmosphere with little more than a speech bubble and some cool typography makes for a collection of incredibly entertaining illustrations.

Among my favourites are her images of disillusioned animals seeking approval and gestures toward the silliness of British and American idioms. A gang of birds ‘tweeting’ about their breakfast is definitely up there in the favourite illustration stakes. Personally, I think YGT and Mischief Champion would be great friends. Katrin updates her website with new comic-eqsue drawings every Monday so best keep your eyes on that feed for some excellent laughs and a lovely showcase of fresh and imaginative work.

Find more here


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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