Oriol Angrill Jorda

Oriol Angrill Jorda is a Spanish artist whose illustration series, ‘blendscapes’ provides a fresh and resplendent exit from reality. These soft portraits of beauteous symetrical women fade into marks that resemble mountain scenes, white horses and swathes of cloud. Their mixed media outlines provide a frame for this swirling pastel-toned natural imagery which makes for brilliant ghostly effects.
Oriol, who studied Illustration in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, describes himself as a bad student with a ‘fervent tendency to distractions’. This sense of distraction is wonderfully communicated through this series, which alludes to daydreams about the beauty of the natural world and the potential for adventure. This artist also studied printmaking and Central Saint Martins and life drawing at The Art Academy; a blend of travel and discipline that is nicely encapsulated by ‘Blendscapes’.
The synergy between hyper-realist portrait illustration and ethereal landscape drawing in this series is an unlikely but perfect one that evokes Dali and Escher-esque optical trickery and the peaceful dream-like vibes of contemporary collage. Oriol has exhibited all over Spain and has been featured, not only by some great publications, but also by Saatchi Online – my favourite bigtime visual art compendium, and yours.
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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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