Siobhán Barbour | Fingerpricks

Belfast-based craftivist and textiles whizz Siobhán Barbour creates original needlework pieces with a contemporary twist. Wonderfully unassuming doilies and stark pieces of fresh-looking cotton are embellished with wry quotes, body parts and blood. Erotic scenes, lines from Black Books and Breaking Bad and a shed-load of pop-culture and music-inspired images cover this creative’s work.
Sewn by hand with not an automated needle in sight, this is traditional domestic craft at its finest. Siobhán works a medley of angsty phrases into her embroidered artworks, some with a hint of irony and some, seemingly, for the sheer hell of it. A cutsey doily with the words, ‘Suck My left One’ emblazoned across it is surely the pinnacle of a great eye for juxtaposition and sound taste.
Most of Siobhán’s Fingerpricks items can be purchased via her Etsy store. These range from pixel-esque cross-stitch images of Gameboys in kitschy frames to detailed pieces of what looks more like free-hand calligraphy and ink illustration. A dab hand with a needle and thread, these small creations by Siobhán are definitely worth a look. I am, of course, a great fan of the teeth design.
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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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