MAKER TO KNOW: Onwards by Jen Collins

Onwards is an online outlet filled with must-have ceramics by Glasgow-based illustrator Jen Collins. Jen’s work is a beautiful mix of pattern, narrative, ink lines and bright flashes of colour. It’s her kiln creations, however, that i’d like to focus on in this post as i’m suffering from some bigtime ceramics crushin’ after looking at the shop online.

A desire to apply her illustrative style to something more than a flat surface prompted Jen to start using hand-building techniques and brushwork to create small ceramic pieces that transformed her drawings physical objects. If i’m honest, I feel this demonstrates a far higher level of creativity, imagination and innovation than buying a 3D printer.

Carefully hand-crafted from clay and then glazed using non-toxic materials, Jen’s pottery and winsome animal designs are a joy to behold. I am a particular fan of the Crouched Rabbits (below), especially the black rabbit of death. The Celestial Bowls with their electric blue spatial rays have also caught my eye.

Jen says that the product’s charm is in the detailing, as each piece is likely to be slightly different. I couldn’t agree more and believe that a collection of products with their own idosyncracies is both more attractive and more valuable. In addition, individual marks made by the artist really add personality to their craft. There pieces are just lovely and would all look great in my home, hint hint, people.

Find more here


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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