James Ward | Jimbobart

Jimbobart is London-based designer James Ward. From his studio and shop on Columbia Road in East London, he produces illustrated products that feature a range of kooky animals with bags of character.Β James’ hand-drawn plate designs provide a snazzy injection of wit and whimsy in a world of tired vintage dish collections.
I first stumbled across the Jimboart ‘I Eat Cake In My Pants’ plate without knowing who was responsible for Jim, the fabulous bepantied badger and his sweet accompanying typography. Discovering the name James Ward then opened up a world of porcelain possibility.
His stacking coffee cups and plates are individually hand-drawn and have been featured in a heap of news and lifestyle publications, such as The Guardian, Country Living and The Times. From Mexican wrestling bears to dapper foxes and fashionista badgers, the Jimbobart collection is a breath of fresh air.
James’ prints and products are stocked all over the UK and Europe and he has worked with some great brands such as Lacoste, Moleskine and Etsy. The Christmas Pig side-plate is a personal favourite and is surely a no-brainer gift for ceramics fans this festive season.


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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