MAKER TO KNOW: Kiego Kamide

Kiego Kamide is a ceramicist and visual artist who hails from Japan. His work embraces the traditional Japanese traditional porcelain craft, Kutaniyaki,ย by way of production technique, functionality and pattern, whilst bringing a burst of the contemporary to the table.
His inimitable creations, which are not limited to functional products but also span the realm of sculpture and reflexive visual art, succeed in juxtaposing recognisable and popular design elements from disparate eras.
These brilliant illustrated vessels were designed by the artist for the Japanese porcelain company, Choemon. They encompass many aspects of traditional design while displaying illustrated references to modern pastimes.
The skateboarder design is a personal favourite and is, I think, exemplary of a perfect fusion between artistic periods and cultures. The delicate rim of customary blue pattern-work within these cups really compliments the simple and original illustrations of modern figures, while simultaneously referring directly to traditional Japanese craft. In a word, awesome.


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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