Spencer Heyfron X Angela Southern | This is New York

At some point in our browsing history, either on or offline, we’ve all come across a wash of lifestyle editorials that seek to encapsulate the identity of a particular city or area; photographs that communicate and celebrate the grit and diversity of given communities are popular occupants of front-page space.

This is New York, a collection of portraits shot on the streets of the city, puts a creative spin on the editorial trend, combining bright, expressive portraiture with cool, comical typographic additions, detailing quotes from the subjects. The whole project is like a ‘Humans of New York’ post without the bleakly gratuitous stories.

A collaborative effort by photographer bearded Morrissey-lover Spencer Heyfron and the illustrative talents of typographic creative Angela Southern, this series of images makes a fantastic use of negative space, blithely capturing the spirit of New York through striking, off-the-wall portraiture and winsome lettering spelling out titles, passions, vocations and great quotes in a variety of communicative fonts. Our favourite? We couldn’t possibly choose.

Find more here


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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