BRAND TO KNOW: Stay Home Club

Stay Home Club is a collection of covetable illustrated products that appeal to the punk rock cat-lady in all of us. Tote bags, felt pennant flags, patches and prints are designed in Montreal, Canada by illustrator and designer Olivia Mew. In addition to Stay Home Club’s killer home-cooked inventory, a fantastic collection of products created by contributing artists is also available from Sta Home Club’s store.

Olivia, the project’s founder and a freelance illustrator whose collaborative projects include working with the likes of Oh Comely Magazine, Hype Machine and The Fox is Black, creates many of the designs that cover Stay Home Club’s items, such as made-to-order bedding sets and wicked ‘Stay Home and Watch Buffy’ totes. Olivia’s typographic images and cute cat illustrations speak frankly to all witchy kids of the 90’s and appeals to their unending cynical intolerance of every-day duties.

Francesca Tallone’s Polaroid Pillow Cases are another wonderful item available from the Stay Home Club Shop. The Montreal based photographer’s images sit beautifully on white pillowcases; a great addition to any creative space. Aside from those featured on the Stay Home Club products, Olivia Mew’s personal illustrations and commissioned projects can be found here. Forget real life, responsibility and the necessity to make new friends; stay home, as great a mantra as ever we’ve come across in these trying times.

Find more here


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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