Hayley Wells

Hayley Wells is a freelance illustrator based in Bristol. A recent graduate from the University of Lincoln, where she specialised in editorial illustration and character design, her work has been showcased by the likes of Anorak Magazine and Business Boom. 

Hayley’s work is a lively mix of traditional media and digital technique and depicts cute, characterful animals and storybook-esque characters that draw upon mythic, magical influences. Her more recent editorial illustrations, put a playful twist on popular idioms and allegory featuring recognisable characters, such as the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Speaking about the start of her love of creating images to accompany engaging words, she says, “Deep down I have always wanted to be an illustrator and can remember being inspired by the magic of Quentin Blake’s illustrations from as young as 4 years old.”

Hayley cites illustrators including Meg Hunt, Krystina Baczynki, Robert Hunter and Ben Newman as great influences and explains that nature is also a vast source of inspiration to her. Giving details of her creative processes she says, “I love to include either animals or plants in the majority of my illustrations”. 

When she’s not working on commissions or enjoying the popular pastimes of knitting, leafing through indie comic books or listening to The Clash, Hayley creates zines and blogs about veganism. Her blog features original illustrations, reviews and recipes along with links to affiliated Vegan sites and charities. Although the project is a fairly new one, it seems a superb venture, well worth following with some lovely illustrations to boot.

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