Grace Mikell Ramsey

Grace Mikell Ramsey, a painter from California creates images which resonate with pathos, ritual and the curious buzz of magical realism. 

Working predominantly with oil paint on canvas or wooden panelling, Grace’s paintings act as windows through which to glimpse the emotional pressures of recognisable personal experiences.

She explains that, “In a colourful fantasy world, happiness is everywhere but strangely unattainable. These narratives offer an escape, but often linger on those moments when contentment seems out of reach.” 

Many of her paintings depict three women engaged in tense and personal everyday liturgies, and are wonderfully reminiscent of the three central characters of Audrey Niffenegger’s fantastic illustrated novel, ‘The Three Incestuous Sisters’.

This artist’s work exhibits a wonderful sense of perception and sensitivity, paired with impeccable painterly technique. The strangeness and familiarity of the images she creates produces a likeable indie vibe, made more enjoyable by the evidence of her painterly skill. 

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