Cayetano González

Cayetano González is a Spanish artist, cinematographer, editor and photographer whose images range from psychedelic mirrored creations to stark, far-reaching landscapes and intriguing mechanical objects. His work is a fantastic example of photography’s versatility as a creative medium. Not limited to simple portraits or shots of natural scenery, Cayetano uses various techniques to achieve the bizarre, futuristic effects and subjects of his many series.
Kicking off his career in Spain by studying Film with a focus on cinematography, after graduating Cayetano began working as a freelance videographer while applying for further study within the creative sector. Following his admittance into the Fine Arts University of Valencia, he was introduced to the diverse and limitless world of contemporary art. Drawing inspiration from this eye-opening experience, he continues to create imaginative, stand-out images that explore modern subjects.
In terms of influences and inspiration, a varied collection photographers and filmmakers make up the roster for Cayetano. Garcia-Alix, Vivian Maier, Chema Madoz, Jose Luís Guerín and Luis Buñuel to name a few. He also cites artists such as Banksy, Velázquez and Ai Wei Wei as having influenced his work. Currently planning new photographic projects, Cayetano is also returning to his roots in film, directing a Documentary about a non-profit organisation called “Acres of Love”.

One of Cayetano’s more recent series, a collection of photographs titled ‘Culture Portraits’, depicts strange and ethereal duplicates of human bodies. These
ortrait ellipses are created by manipulating original photographs using different angle combinations. The results, which look like pastel alien life-forms suspended in time, are strange and wonderful.
“Cultural Portraits”
© Cayetano González 
Variable Dimensions. DIgital Print.
2013. Untitled.
Find more here 


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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