James Clapham

James Clapham, creator of fluid, comic characters and tropical cosmic dreamscapes, is blessed with the kind of wicked imagination celebrated by YOUNG GOLD TEETH. Currently an MA student of illustration at Camberwell School of Arts, James has already generated a prolific roster of clients including YGT favourites Bellykids, Frankie Magazine, Network Awesome and Bloomberg.

His off-the-wall, sometimes grotesque, illustrations feature colourful characters placed in surreal landscapes, some sweet hand-drawn typography and an ever-present wry humour that pokes fun at all things we consider to be, well, a little bit ridiculous. A personal favourite is his ‘Yuppie Holiday’ illustration.   

Kinky superheroes, grizzly burgers and more melting faces than you can shake a stick at, James Clapham is an illustrator and comic artist clearly not afraid to indulge in penning the nitty gritty of our peculiar, twisted minds. 

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