Kendra Dandy | Bouffants and Broken Hearts

What with the arrival of the great British summer, YGT has gone a little pattern-crazy. Not content with regularly bringing you fruity print crushes via Pinterest and Instagram, here you can find a full explanation of why it is that the work of illustrator and designer Kendra Dandy, AKA Bouffants and Broken Hearts, has us all of a flutter.

Tropical cutesy fruits, pops of colour, black cats, big hair and sixties vibes are all motifs that point to a need to covet the work of an illustrator. Kendra Dandy’s pattern creations not only extol the kitschy exotic trends so well-loved by fashionistas of late but also showcase great design talent.

Kendra’s pseudonyme Bouffants and Broken Hearts headlines a Society6 boutique, in which she sells her patterned watercolour creations in the form of iPhone cases, cushions and mounted prints.

The playfulness and cheerful simplicity of her designs is reminiscent of sixties kitchen decor, vinyl tablecloths and fruit baskets; a loveable aesthetic currently being mimicked by multiple high street retailers. Additionally, candy colours, dots and cute animal shapes appeal to the winsome vintage fiend in all of us.

Showcasing the sweeter side of surface design, Bouffants and Broken Hearts is up there touting my current favourite prints and patterns.

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