Riccardo Casinelli

Riccardo Casinelli is a graphic designer based in Rome. His work is comprised of striking outlines, stark colour contrasts and snappy typography. One such project that espouses all three is the wonderful Mood Series. If you’ve been following YOUNG GOLD TEETH’s glorious trajectory through the puzzling world of art, design and the power of the internet, you’ll know that inspirational quote designs, and the use of such quotes in Twitter bios and the like, is way up there on the illustrious list of teeth-grinders. This great selection of dimensional designs however, turns the ‘Live, Laugh, Love’s of this world on their heads by way of the downbeat phraseology of the miserable pessimist. I’d happily wake up to one of these designs everyday, safely assured that no one would be attempting to coerce me into merrily living, laughing, or loving over my coffee, nor interrupting my daily scowling.Β 

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