Angela Rossi

Ceramics, cats, kitsch, Star Wars? I am in design heaven. Angela Rossi is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. A self-taught and self-proclaimed outsider artist, Angela works with discarded, damaged items and images, creating upcycled and improved works of art, mixed media portraits and sculptures.

Her altered antique plates are something to behold. Using individual found pieces of forgotten chintzy dinner-service, having begun by using items from a personal collection, Angela creates badass juxtapositions of floral wreath and well-loved icons from cult classic films such as Gremlins, Star Wars and Frankenstein. 

If, as I am, you are a fan of animals in fancy dress, numerous dishes also bear images of kingly cats, dogs, deer, giraffes and birds in admirable shoulder pads and period dress get-ups. Plates sporting Mr. T are firmly in the running for favourite of all the pieces this artist has produced, though my ultimate has to be a made-to-order plate which features a beautiful blend of blingy trip, a delicate spray of violet and pink flora and the face of the one and only Notorious B.I.G. 

Speaking about making the decision to begin transforming her personal collection of decorative hanging plates, Angela says, “Some were old portrait plates with demure ladies posed in proper positions and big fluffy dresses. They were all beautiful with hand-painted details, gold accents, wonderful porcelain, but in reality they did not exactly match my modern, urban style. So, were they useless? No, I must make them cool again.”

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