MAKER TO KNOW: Charlotte Mei

YOUNG GOLD TEETH is crushing on a wonderful fusion of ceramic and style by way of Charlotte Mei’s adorable tiger rings. These cute little blue and white ceramic accessories are simplistic, statement works of art, shrunk down to fit on a single finger and mounted on silver.

Charlotte seems to favour a Vespa too. A few plate designs show a collection of scooting hotties daubed in abstract strokes, finished off with lovely colourful glazes. A big fan of the ceramic side of life, I personally love her arrow pot and arm-wrestling plate.

 Charlotte is an illustrator, potter and editor for Camberwell Press. Her varied creations are playful, folksy and never fail to raise a smile. Also on the YGT wishlist are her distinctive plates, which I wrote about for the lovely lot at Deer Brains. These little dishes feature delightful relief faces sporting a sweet mix of pouty expressions, and a lovely set of narrative-based designs that depict abstract characters, animals and contemporary scenes.

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