Civil Union

Seeing as YOUNG GOLD TEETH is currently loving all things collaborative, Civil Union, a project by American artists Jenny Morgan and David Mramor is ticking all the visual art boxes.

Jenny Morgan is a successful artist currently working and living in New York, her work consists of large scale oil paintings which are equal parts hyperrealist portraiture and figurative dreamscape.

Jenny has said that as a painter, she is constantly exploring ways in which to approach the portrait, ‘messing up’ realism and developing her ethereal, representative style.

Known for her colourful, layered portraits of those close to her, the collaborative works produced between she and fellow artist David Mramor are strange and engaging.

David Mramor’s solo work is a fusion of photography and traditional painting with multiple layers of additional media like spray paint and textile worked into or daubed over original photographic material.

His work, like graffiti, bears a sense of spontaneity and freedom which can be attributed to the many, seemingly random, layers of bright media of which his pieces are composed.

The collaborative work produced by the pair a few years ago were built up layer by layer using a range of methods and tools, successfully combing their very distinctive styles in a series of striking pieces.

The transparent elements of Jenny’s painterly work clear a space for David’s bold graffiti-esque embellishments, and in turn Jenny’s spookily ultra-real figures poke through the sections which have been bombed with acrylic and spray paint.

Between she and David, a shared interest in illusion, personality and memory, themes that both their styles explore, provides a stand-out symbiosis between two very dissimilar artists.

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