BRAND TO KNOW: The Trip Control

Illustrator and designer Angelina Beer’s independent clothing label The Trip Control is a great collection of monochrome
pieces that feature original screen printed designs based on cosmic symbols, hieroglyphs and the occult. A range ofย sweats and tees in assorted casual cuts combine illustration with fashion and design to create stand out street wear.

We’veย been fans of The Trip Control garments for a while now and love the mix of antiquarian and contemporary symbolism and style that Angelina uses in her designs, particularly the zodiacal imagery and that great white on black early 90’s grunge vibe. The Venus vintage tank is on our personal wishlist.

Each piece is completed by means of a hand printed label and sold online or atย Brick Lane market where The Trip Control stall is a regular feature. The cool, psychedelic edge and black light appeal to these pieces is enough to assure us that this line is sure to take off.



Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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