Emilie Faif

Emilie Faif is a visual artist who specialises in textile based sculpture and beautiful dream-like installations. Using a range of materials, of which fabrics take centre stage, she creates fantastical floating landscapes, peppered with the silhouettes of wild animals and abstract cityscapes. 

Emilie combines electrical items like fans, spring mechanisms and record players with great swathes of textile in order to create pieces that seem organic and able to roll and move independently of the viewer.

I think a deep fascination for her work and for the textile fantasy lands in particular, stems from my love for Uncle Feedle, the hapless rag doll from an episode of Bagpuss*. 

Together with her wonderful fabric installations, Emilie Faif creates performance art pieces incorporating living window displays, bubbles, helium balloons and collaborative tapestry projects, as well as working on magical pieces of scenography in varied media

She has collaborated with the likes of Isabel Marant and Hermes on the latter, and exhibited all over the world. It’s safe to say she is this week’s YGT favourite.

* For those wondering, this is the episode of Bagpuss in question.

Find more work here:

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