MAKER TO KNOW: Ange-line Tetrault

YOUNG GOLD TEETH loves ceramic items by Toronto-based artist, curator and product designer Ange-line Tetrault. In particular her porcelain Hidden Animal cups and lucky horse shoe designs. Though she works in a variety of formats with a different media, it’s her ceramic creations that have won my attention. Not your average sideboard nic-nacs, Ange-line’s products feature sweet, playful and often off-the-wall detail. Much of what she creates centres on organic themes, flora, fauna and anatomy, as though setting a natural, homely scene for her work to inhabit. In accompaniment to this neutral subject matter is the major theme of trend, the habitual and pop culture, bringing a certain stand-out wit to the pieces which are, at their most functional level, influenced by traditional home-wear and heirlooms. A big believer in the power of object memory, Ange-line attributes a great deal of importance to making her physical work an act of visual storytelling.

‘I believe it’s important to explore the self in relation to the bigger picture. I’m drawn to rituals, heirloom, the private vs. the public, and I believe that objects not only tell a story but also have an emotional life.’

Ange-line currently designs products for imm Living, has worked with Anthropologie creating cool, custom items and has had work featured by SF MoMA. Her work has also been featured in some great publications, including YGT favourite, Frankie Magazine. Take a peek at a few of my favourite pieces below.

Find more work here:

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