Graphik (H)

Graphik (H) is an illustrator and musician living and working in France, creating dreamy photography-based images.

His portraits of beautiful people with ghostly daemons at their backs are a conglomeration of soft paint-by-numbers-esque shapes enclosed by striking dark outlines reminiscent of graphic novel design work.

Graphik (H)’s subjects are the leading-edge elite of the illustrator’s fantasy land, a collection of stunners sporting copybook bone structure, strand-perfect hair and washes of designer ink.

Their companions, a pack of line-based creatures that seem simultaneously superimposed and at ease with their locations, atop shoulders like trendy spirit-guides, take this illustrator’s work from straightforward portraiture to surrealist, painterly collage.

Graphik (H)’s minimalist work has a fantastic edge, a Juxtapoz favourite, it’s no surprise these images of beautiful urbanites and their foxy friends are fast becoming a big deal in the online illustration community.

Find more work here:Β

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