Tom Edwards

London based illustrator Tom Edwards creates images that look like the outcome of Hunter S. Thompson’s tarot card design project.

His contemporary cartoon hieroglyphs make up a great selection of clever, farcical illustrations that I absolutely love – mainly because they remind me of watching Cartoon Network at my grandmother’s house, which was a treat because we didn’t have cartoon channels at home until the ‘naughties’ and by then, I had accepted my lot and moved on. 

Having worked with the likes of the New York Times, Nokia, Lazy Oaf and Dazed Digital on some great projects, Tom’s illustrations are a great mix of style and substance.

A personal favourite is his image for the Badger Trust, which looks like a pastiche of medieval heraldry versus The Animals of Farthing Wood.

His photos that look like drawings project with Its Nice That is also excellent and well worth checking out.

The weird symbols and characters in the work Tom produces are wonderfully varied and appeal to anyone with a good sense of humour and a taste for PC CD-ROMS, the cartoonish and the absurd. 

The mystic themes and comic narratives running through his detailed work are brilliant, in my opinion, he should have been commissioned for the illuminati card game.

Expect clashing colours, wizards, palm trees and cats framed in stylish school photography-esque pattern; there are some gold teeth in the mix too, always a winner here.

Find more work here:

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