Michelle Morin

Michelle Morin is an artist based on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Having worked on various horticultural projects over the years, developing a sound understanding of the intricate visual and biological compositions of flora and fauna, while designing and maintaining gardens, the paintings she produces are subsequently beautiful interpretations of organic pattern and colourful, textured animals.

Much of Michelle’s work contains a narrative element, which provides her work with a complex layer of additional detail. HerΒ watercolor and gouache paintings often feature birds and it is her wonderful representation of feathers that originally drew me to her vibrant, patterned work.

The unique details of each creature she paints, the use of colour, and contrast in direction of line make for truly lovely pieces that are reminiscent of children’s storybooks and the poetic imaginings of careless daydream. Her prints are like the discovery channel with an injection of creative pizzaz and conjure up a great sense of the diverse adventure and personality hidden within the natural world.

Find more work here:

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