Sophie Alda

Sophie Alda’s creations are playful, absurdist eye-candy. Sections of soft pastel offset striking monochrome pattern-work amid water melons and stylised weirdy characters.

Her method of splicing juxtaposing sections of subject matter and colour together in long mural-esque paperscapes makes for beautiful and visually exciting work.

A painter, illustrator and prop-maker from East London, Sophie Alda is undoubtedly YOUNG GOLD TEETH’s favourite artist this month.

Her dreamy creatures sit amongst flashes of pattern in peculiar and beguiling suits and scenarios, they are at times gross and wonderful.

Her work is reminiscent of the sensationalist and psychedelic utopia painters of the Sixties and Seventies, and brings all that fantastical, hallucinatory imagery up to date, giving it a folksy tongue-in-cheek edge.

Expect grotesque beasts, smiling faces and abstract shapes weaving in and out of each other; wobbling GIFs, muscled men and the pretty princess hues of another dimension.

Find more work here:Β

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