Hyperreal Pastel Portraits by Artist Jen Mann

Jen Mann, a Canadian artist who hails from Toronto is fascinated by existential themes, the human subconscious, matters of the soul and personal identity. 

Furthermore, how this range of motifs interact, influencing creative content which reflects a wealth of meaning and interpretation. 

Her paintings pop with intensity and make use of a dream-like bubblegum palette. An off-the-wall kinetic residue ghosts the figures in many of her portraits, pushing an ethereal and instinctive vibe into the mix, it’s almost as though Jen paints auras instead of physical bodies. 

However, the tangible human figures at the centre of her paintings are key in understanding her conceptual intent as an artist; the candy-coloured figures serve to express the internal, externally. 

In her more recent work, Jen Mann considers the social parameters of beauty, what we consider to be appropriate and what confines us. 

The idea of being wrong is also a sort of death. The idea of wrong is something that intrigues me: wrong, non-sense, things that don’t belong, colors that don’t quite fit together. The idea that something can be wrong makes me want to see what kind of magic lies behind the world of “no” “bad” and “mistake”
Looking through an archive of her work, the development in technical sophistication, style and subject matter is striking, her work charts a linear progression through the mind of the artist and just keeps getting better. 

Her latest series of paintings titled Strange Beauties is my favourite of her collections and is inspired by illusions, dreams and the circus of physical appearance and of play. 

Her paintings stand as bewitching contemporary explorations of human nature, spiritual and internal history and the language of bodies.
Find more work here:

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