Photographer Cecilia Paredes Creates Sublime Camouflaged Portraits

Peruvian artist Cecelia Paredes currently lives and works between Lima and Philadelphia, creating elegant pieces that interrogate our notions of reality, beauty and the origins of what we find attractive. Her work makes use of varied media and alludes to the spirit of fantasy and fashion. Fabricating installations and performance pieces from using natural, found elements, her artwork explores concepts of language, presence and communication by way of a blend of peculiar or striking scenes and the transposition of recognisable objects.

Her ‘photoperformances’ are a series of works that utilise body paint, props and costumes to create personal, anthropomorphic images in which the artist becomes part of her surroundings. These kinds of transformations are a turn of modern magic, coaxing the viewer to perceive a figure half obscured by the invisibility cloak of the everyday. Cecelia’s appropriations of the body into a series of patterned backdrops are photographed in order to capture the moment at which the subject becomes one with her surroundings.

Cecelia is usually the subject of her own images, betraying her presence by way of her open eyes and hair which usually alerts the viewer to her form in each photograph. Not only beautiful and pleasing to the eye, these portraits are a fantastic example of Cecelia’s talent as a visual and performance artist. Her surname ‘Paredes’ is the Spanish word for ‘walls’ which alludes wonderfully to the of her own body as a canvas in each project or performance.


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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