Harriet Taylor Seed

Harriet Taylor Seed is an illustrator who lives and works in Brighton. There seems to be a classic correlation between daily location inspiration and her work’s merry, thift-store, seaside vibe. Harriet’s illustrations are bright, witty and harbour an off-the-wall energy that one can only associate with designers who approach their surroundings as a real and exciting source of inspiration.

From homespun characters traversing woods and mountains to images reminiscent of 1950’s packaged food ads, ritualistic icons and Indian matchbox art, her work is a delightful flea market of creative gems. Many of her pieces also draw inspiration from festive Mexican design and feature the religious and cultural iconography of the Day of the Dead, vintage fashion, folk art and British jubilee celebrations.

When not working on freelance commissions to draw cheerful skulls, shrines, cacti and sailboats, Harriet dedicates her time to fabricating varied prints and patterns. These have gained increasing popularity and Harriet has worked with the likes of Wrap, Oh Comely and AMMO magazines, as well as The Church of London and Burning House Records on album sleeves and the like.

Expect eclectic characters and a mash of folksy flora, fauna and classic British icons mixed with skulls, rosaries and skiers, all topped with the occasional dash of clever text and a consistently lively use of colour. Harriet work marries the twee mystique of retro aesthetics with a fresh and funny assortment of stylish indie subject matter, evoking the spirit of her hometown beautifully and producing a wonderful set of prints and designs in the process.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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