Helen Kirkbright

Helen Kirkbright is a London based fashion photographer, originally hailing from Greater Manchester. Her shots are a firm YGT favourite by virtue of the fact that they don’t appear to be straining to reveal the unadulterated grit some street photography tries its utmost to convey, usually achieving gaudy, try-hard shots in the process. Nor do they expunge any sense of realism in favour of a portfolio solely filled with creamy-skinned waifs in Supreme beanies.

In a world of fashion and street photography gratuitously obsessed with trends and ephemera, there is variety and sparkle throughout the meandering narrative of Helen’s images. Her shots of Mary Benson’s collection for Noctis Magazine, an editorial I later followed up for the lovely lot at Noctis by way of a blog feature on Mary’s new collection, are an excellent feat of lighting, well-placed brights and buckets of attitude, photographed with a directness that plays on a hunger for aesthetic exactitude.

One Night, a series of photographs documenting a night in East Berlin, is a personal favourite from Helen’s impressive bank of work. She has worked with the likes of Spindle Magazine, among other notable publications and sites, and divides her shooting between Manchester and London. This split in location seems to noticeably affect the candid quality of her photographs and endows them with a wonderful energy and endearing emotional verisimilitude. Helen Kirkbright is certainly one to watch.

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